2016 Super Bowl Commercial – Prodotti finanziari #SB50

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46 brand per il 50° Golden Super Bowl, per un costo medio di 5 milioni di dollari versati alla CBS per ognuno dei 30 preziosi secondi da passare sugli schermi di milioni di telespettatori.
Di seguito tutti i commercial del Super Bowl 2016 dedicati ai prodotti finanziari e assicurativi, da superbowlcommercials2016.org.
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In a contest reminiscent of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl campaign, Intuit decided to hand over their 30-second Super Bowl ad slot to one lucky small business. The contest, called “Small Business Big Game,” gave one of three finalists the chance to advertise their product on the biggest stage in the world. The finalists included Hubbies Shorts, Death Wish Coffee Company and Vidler’s 5 & 10. Ultimately, the coffee shop got to take home the (coffee) cake!



TurboTax, best known for their easy-to-use online tax filing service, has purchased a Super Bowl commercial for the third year in a row. The 30-second slot will be part of their ongoing campaign to convince Americans that (with the help of TurboTax), “it doesn’t take a genius to do your taxes.” Here’s a look at one of the ads in the campaign.


We’re curious to know what genius will star in the TurboTax Super Bowl 2016 commercial. Apparently, it won’t be actor James Lipton. In TurboTax’s second teaser, they break the news to a very enthusiastic Lipton that “they went with somebody else.”



It’s been a big year for PayPal! They split with parent company, eBay, in July and now they’re braving the Super Bowl turf for the first time. But they have a clear plan in mind. In an unusual ad purchase of 45-seconds, the company uses their breakout Super Bowl ad to show us that Old Money is a thing of the past and New Money is the wave of the future. What’s the “New Money in Town?” We’ll give you one guess.



After years of buying local ads during the Super Bowl, SunTrust decided it’s time to debut in the Big Game itself. They purchased a 30-second ad that will air just before the two minute warning of the fourth quarter during the CBS broadcast of the 2016 Super Bowl.

SunTrust’s excellent Super Bowl commercial is designed to secure trust among customers and “inspire people to take control over their finances.” In it, we are reminded that Americans of all shapes and sizes, ages and colors struggle with financial stress and worry. The SunTrust Super Bowl commercial promises that they can help us “take a deep breath” and find relief from financial concerns. Learn more with the hashtag #onUp.



A startup based in Silicon Valley, SoFi (aka Social Finance Inc.) is using their Big Game debut to spread the message that they offer “great loans for great people.” As a lending institution, SoFi differs from traditional lenders because they don’t look at FICO scores and instead consider factors such as an individual’s merit and employment history. The football newbies are taking a gamble on their Super Bowl spend, investing a whopping 20% of their annual advertising budget on their Game Day ad. Their goal is simple: to raise brand awareness and increase their clientele.


Quicken Loans (Rookie)

Is getting a mortgage for a new home as easy as ordering takeout for dinner? It could be! Super Bowl rookie advertisers, Quicken Loans, created a smart, convincing 60-second slot from CBS to let the public know about Rocket Mortgage, their online mortgage service. The goal is to show how easy it can be to get a mortgage with Quicken! “Push Button. Get Mortgage.”

Sometime during the first half of the Big Game, keep your eyes out for the following ad – because Quicken has turned an intimidating process into an easy one. Who knows: it just may be one minute of inspiration that propels you to take the plunge into home ownership! (Just don’t tell the guys at Apartments.com.)



eSurance waited until the last minute to announce their plans to advertise in Super Bowl 50, but when they did – they went big. How big? How does $1 million sound! The insurance company is “passing on savings to us” with a Super Bowl sized giveaway. If you’re locked into Twitter at the beginning of each commercial break during the Big Game, be sure to “pass along” any tweets from eSurance. You just might win big money!




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